PCX 125

Bring the city closer.

The PCX125 shows off a sleek, contemporary style that’s fit for any city, while its compact liquid-cooled SOHC two-valve engine delivers incredible fuel efficiency.
The enhanced Smart Power eSP engine powering the PCX125 offers long-term reliability and excellent fuel efficiency of 47km/l (without Idle Stop). Low-drain LED lighting and indicators help further by saving 40W of electrical power, allowing the engine to spin a little more freely. Special low-rolling resistance tyres reduce drag at the same time as maintaining grip, and responsive suspension coupled with Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS) absorb the worst of city challenges. Finally, the PCX125 comes with enough storage space for a fullface helmet and a 12V DC socket – for charging accessories on the go. Built to look good and last, affordable to run and own, the PCX125 is a scooter that gives you everything for life on the move.