Ready to travel? The new NT1100 offers everything you need in one motorcycle. It’s built agile for the demands of the city with light, easy handling and long-travel suspension. But it’s also a fantastic tourer, with powerful twin-cylinder engine, high equipment level and comfortable GT design for two. Add premium riding technology – and the option of six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission – and there’s only one thing left to consider. Just where, and how far, do you want to go?


Six-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) Option

DCT suits any riding style and is fully customisable. Choose between manual, using up/down handlebar trigger shifters for instant, sporty changes, or let DCT smoothly shift for you.

Powerful, Parallel Twin-Cylinder Engine

The 1,084cc powerplant has strong bottom and mid-range torque tuned, for responsive acceleration, a smooth climb to the redline and relaxed cruising with characterful feel and sound.

Advanced Riding Technology

A perfect package includes 5 riding modes, HSTC, Wheelie Control and the added safety of Daytime Running Lights, auto-indicator cancel and Emergency Stop Signal.

6.5-inch Touchscreen With Smartphone Connectivity

Customisable with 3 display modes and backgrounds. Use navigation apps and stay connected via your smartphone through Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® and Bluetooth® connectivity.

Lightweight Chassis, Long-Travel Suspension

Optimised frame with 150mm front and rear suspension travel ensures confident handling and light steering – whether you’re at highway speeds or riding a set of switchbacks.

Brand-New, Versatile Touring Design

An active riding position offers genuine touring comfort, and sports potential when you need it, plus full wind and weather protection. Heated grips, cruise control and panniers are all standard.


You’ve been waiting for this moment. The working week is done. Now it’s time to explore, a weekend away. Your NT1100 is packed, for two. Where are you going? You have an idea and part of the route is planned on your phone. But some will be a surprise, deliberately. And what are you searching for? Something special. The feeling only travel by motorcycle can bring. And it’s out there, waiting.
One Motorcycle That Can Do It All
Strong Engine Performance
Well-Balanced Chassis
Technology That Works for You
One Motorcycle That Can Do It All

Commuting, Sports, Touring or all three? Up to you.

That’s the great thing about the NT1100. It’s so versatile. Sleek aerodynamics, a large, 5-way adjustable screen and upper/lower deflectors provide superb wind protection. But compact dimensions are just right for urban riding. The seat, with an 820mm height, is comfortable for two and matched to a flexible riding position that allows you to engage, or relax. And, as you’d expect, equipment levels are high. Alongside panniers, the NT1100 is loaded with a 20L fuel tank – giving 400km range (WMTC mode) – heated grips, cruise control, USB/ACC sockets and rear carrier. A centre stand makes rear wheel maintenance easy.



Strong Engine Performance

Tuned for Acceleration with Dual Clutch Transmission Option

The muscular twin-cylinder engine offers strong performance from low rpm, with 104Nm peak torque, just what you need for effortless overtaking. It also drives smoothly to the redline and tuned for a deep, pulsating and characterful sound. Three default riding modes, URBAN, RAIN and TOUR, cover most conditions and two USER options allow you to fully customise engine output as well as the 3-level HSTC and Wheelie Control. Six-speed DCT is an option, if you want to change gears, trigger-shifters offer razor-fast control, up or down, from the left handlebar. Or, choose efficient, seamless shifting, with 3-level S mode if you need sportier performance.



Well-Balanced Chassis

Fast Steering, Surefooted Confidence

This is a motorcycle that handles lightly and accurately, however you ride it. With the steel frame’s rigidity optimised for strength, feel and stability, the 43mm Showa cartridge-type USD forks and rear shock, working an aluminium swingarm through Pro-Link, return impressive suspension reaction and a precise cornering experience, no matter the conditions. Rear spring preload is hydraulically-adjustable to suit the load you’re carrying. 120/180 section front and rear tyres ensure maximum grip and stability and there’s smooth, progressive ABS-controlled braking power available when you need it.



Technology That Works for You

Stay In Touch and Never Get Lost with Full Connectivity

Bright and easy to read, the 6.5-inch TFT touchscreen offers three levels of information – minimum to maximum – to suit individual preference. Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® and Bluetooth® connectivity allows access to smartphone functions – such as navigation, music and calls – via the display and a helmet headset. Daytime Running Lights (DRL) automatically adjust to ambient light intensity and alert other road users of your presence. Over 50km/h, the self-cancelling Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) indicates a hard-stop situation to those behind. The indicators also auto-cancel.




Explore an engine tuned to deliver smooth, rapid response at your command. Twist open the throttle and enjoy (best heard with headphones).

50L Manual Top Box

Expand the carrying capacity of your NT1100 with this large and durable top box. It utilises the Honda one-key system and can accommodate up to 6kg. Colour-matched panels are also available.

Rider/Pillion Comfort Seats

Designed to further enhance the NT1100’s touring ability, the luxuriously contoured rider and pillion comfort seats integrate with the NT1100’s sleek design to offer greater comfort on longer journeys.

4.5L Tank Bag

This fully waterproof tank bag is perfect for storing smaller items while riding, with a transparent phone pocket. Attached via an easy and secure one-touch buckle, while providing a 1.5kg carrying capacity.

LED Fog Lights

The dual fog lights improve rider visibility and mount directly to the NT1100. Activation is displayed on the TFT touchscreen and the white light intensity is adjustable via a switch on the handlebar.

DCT Parking Lever & Cover

Add a premium touch to your DCT-equipped NT1100 with this parking lever & cover. The anodised finish of the aluminium parking lever is complemented by a matching finish on the cover, which also features the Honda logo.

Quick Shifter

Designed specifically for the manual six-speed NT1100, the quick shifter allows instant throttle-on up-shifting while helping to reduce rider fatigue on longer rides. It also features an auto-blip function for smooth and rapid downshifts.


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