GL1800 Gold Wing

GL1800 Gold Wing


Wherever you’re drawn to, the GL1800 Gold Wing is the motorcycle for the ride, beautifully finished and designed to make touring more enjoyable. Powered by a magnificent 1,833cc, six-cylinder engine, you have seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), all housed in a sophisticated, nimble-handling chassis. The Gold Wing is built for a pure riding experience. 

A Pure Experience


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The Gold Wing is all about the ride. Its engine – a six-cylinder mechanical masterpiece – responds, instantly to each command. Throttle By Wire (TBW) engine management features four riding modes – TOUR, SPORT, ECON and RAIN – with throttle feel and delivery optimised for low-speed control. With strong power throughout the rev range that you can enjoy, no matter where your next riding adventure takes you.

Full Control


Agile handling, puts you in control on every journey.

The 1,084cc powerplant has strong bottom and mid-range torque tuned, for responsive acceleration, a smooth climb to the redline and relaxed cruising with characterful feel and sound.

Dual Clutch Transmission


The choice is yours.

Enjoy the luxury of long distance on the Gold Wing with its 7-speed DCT gearbox as standard. To explore the engines full potential and strong performance, opt for manual. However, for longer journeys, Automatic modes such as Drive and Sport anticipate your every move, with a gear ready for you to utilise.

Advanced Rider Aids


Technology to support your journey.

The expansive, 7-inch full-colour TFT display provides infotainment information as well as riding mode management, suspension adjustment and navigation. And, to keep in touch with the world, via Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, meaning you can replicate the functions on your phone, to the TFT Display.

Finely honed chassis

Under the sleek bodywork, a strong, aluminium twin-beam frame provides rock-solid stability in a straight line. The single-sided rear Pro-Arm operates through Pro-Link offering balanced rigidity. Dual Combined Braking System (D-CBS) distributes braking force evenly, and with ABS control, enabling efficient stopping power and providing you with full confidence.

Rider infotainment

Cockpit instrumentation highlights everything you need to know in luxurious detail. The navigation system features a gyrocompass, for continued guidance in long tunnels or areas where GPS signal can be challenging, while the audio system and lightweight speakers show off ultimate sound quality.

Adjustable, electronically-operated windscreen

The windscreen provides excellent wind protection – or opens up a sense of freedom for what’s to come. The height and angle can be adjusted electronically by simply pushing the button up or down on the left handlebar; it also memorises your favourite positions and will auto-adjust accordingly.


Aids for easy riding

For life on the open road, many details contribute to create an enjoyable ride. Throttle By Wire provides smooth control when utilising cruise control, supporting an effortless transition to the specified speed and an ultra-smooth ride, to ease long journeys. Hill Start Assist (HSA) helps get away when parked on an incline. DCT features Idling Stop, which seamlessly restarts the engine in first gear for a smooth take off when the throttle is opened.

Pannier space for all that matters

Sleek, with room for what you need; there’s 60L capacity between the two panniers. They open with a button and hydraulic dampers provide a smooth action. Also, a USB Type-C socket is tucked away in the left pannier, ready to plug straight into.

Smart key operation

Simply keep the Smart Key in your pocket, press the start button and go. There’s no need to manually unlock the panniers, the Gold Wing senses the Smart Key as you approach, unlocks and locks them as you move away.

Tyre pressure measuring system

The Gold Wing now comes equipped with the Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to ensure you can be aware of any changes in tyre pressure wherever you are. Available on the Gold Wing, the TPMS warning sign will appear on the display when there is a change in pressure.

1,833cc, 24V SOHC flat six-cylinder engine

Revel in this mechanical masterpiece and enjoy a hugely strong, 170Nm of torque peaking at just 4,500rpm, delivered with unique character. Acceleration from standstill on through the rev-range is effortless and exhilarating.

Matte Armoured Green Metallic


Top box and panniers or just panniers? You decide. Slide here.
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