Why race? To improve. It’s what we’ve always done. And this is why; the CBR500R is an A2 motorcycle – but also every square millimetre a CBR. Aggressive styling and new graphics lift heartbeats. A twin-cylinder engine that spins hard at your command and upgraded suspension and brakes that will fill you with confidence. If you’re ready to step up to real race-bred performance, the adrenaline rush starts here.

Aggressive Super Sports Styling & New Graphics

Have no doubt. The CBR500R is sharp. Drawn heavily from our racing DNA, the aggressive fairing incorporates aerodynamic winglets and wears new, race-inspired colours and graphics.

New Showa 41mm SFF-BP USD Forks

We’ve given the CBR500R a major upgrade. New Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork-Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks provide excellent control and feel for sports riding, especially on turn-in and braking from high speeds.

New Dual Front Disc Brakes With Radial Mount Calipers

New, dual 296mm discs and four-piston Nissin radial mount calipers deliver strong, progressive braking power with no more inertia than a single disc – so you can manoeuvre faster.

New Lightweight Wheels & Swingarm

New wheels now use a 5-spoke pattern and save un-sprung weight – which makes for razor-fast side-to-side steering – while the swingarm is also a new, lighter weight high-performance design.

Thrillng Twin-Cylinder Power

This engine is born to perform. With optimised ECU settings it offers responsive mid-range torque for impressive acceleration out of corners, and a rush to the redline guaranteed to excite.

Sporty LCD Instrument Display

For spirited riding the negative LCD dash presents the information you need instantly, and includes Gear Position and customisable Shift Up indicators.


Maybe this is your first sports bike. Or perhaps you’re an expert rider looking for the focused thrill of a smaller machine. Either way, the CBR500R opens up possibilities. It unlocks the city with its compact size and shows true sporting edge on twisting back roads. And it responds, always instantly to every steering input and twist of throttle. Live life in the moment for the moment. This is the CBR500R.
Our Smallest Super Sports
Upgraded Suspension & Brakes
Addictive Engine Performance
Premium Technology
Our Smallest Super Sports

A CBR Is Always Something Special

CBR. Three very special letters. They’re not merely applied, either. They have to be earned. Which the CBR500R does, thanks to the sports-focused design which incorporates fairing winglets to improve high-speed aerodynamics. The riding position is aggressive, with handlebars clipped-on below the top yoke and new aluminium rear-set footpegs that put you effortlessly in a racing tuck. If it looks fast, it is fast, they say. And looking at the CBR500R, with its stunning new paint and graphics, we couldn’t agree more.



Upgraded Suspension & Brakes

Explore Incredible Handling Precision

That set of twisties ahead? Own them. All of them. Own every late turn-in point, apex and corner exit. New Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks separate damping from spring and give supple response, especially braking from speed with fingertip feel for front tyre grip. The Showa rear shock has revised damping to match, while new lightweight wheels and swingarm – plus more forward-set weight bias – sharpen handling even further.



Addictive Engine Performance

Enjoy Every Twist Of The Throttle

If this is your first A2 motorcycle what a place to start. The 8-valve, liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine produces 35kW @ 8,600rpm with peak torque of 43Nm @ 6,500rpm. It’s free-spinning, hugely enjoyable, very addictive and comes complete with a thrilling howl through the exhaust as you chase redline. And, just like its larger CBR siblings, an Assist/Slipper clutch eases upshifts through the six-speed gearbox and manages rear wheel lock-up on hard down changes.



Premium Technology

For A High Quality Ride

The CBR500R draws attention, wherever it goes. Chiselled dual LED headlights stare menacingly and throw out a wider volume of light, opening up vision at night. They’re matched by LED indicators and tail light. Negative LCD instruments feature a speedo, bar graph rev-counter, dual trip meters, fuel level/consumption gauge and Gear Position indicator. There’s also a Shift Up indicator, which is set to 8,750rpm, but ­can be adjusted in 250rpm increments.




Rear Seat Cowl

Riding solo? The seat cowl replaces the pillion seat pad and adds an aggressive, race-inspired silhouette. It’s also perfectly colour matched to your CBR500R’s paint scheme.

High Windscreen

Add style and function in one go. The high smoked windscreen is a straight swap for the standard item, looks great and provides extra wind protection for taller riders or on longer journeys.

CBR Tank Pad

Easy to fit, this arrow-shaped, adhesive tank pad is designed to protect your fuel tank paintwork from scratches. Finished in grey and complete with the legendary CBR logo.

Rear Seat Bag

Designed to perfectly fit the tapered dimensions of the rear seat and offers functional storage. Standard capacity is 15L, but can be expanded to 22L. Rain cover included; requires seat bag attachment kit for mounting.

Top Box

With a 35L capacity, there’s plenty of storage space for your daily commute inside this tough, yet sleek, top box. Uses the Honda One-Key system and requires the top box base for fitment to the CBR500R.

Tank Bag

Neat and compact, the 3L tank bag is easy to fit and doesn’t get in the way. It features a clear pocket on top for a smartphone. A rain cover is included; requires tank bag attachment for mounting.
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