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It beats cross-town traffic

When all you need is to be transported quickly from one part of town to another, this simple, straight forward and affordable scooter has the answer.


It doesn’t take on town traffic, it cuts through it.
A new upgraded engine – with Idling stop for better fuel economy – a new chassis and better suspension, make zipping around on this popular scooter terrific fun wherever you ride. The sleek, restyled bodywork matches it’s nimble character while on the practical side, the relaxed riding position and bags of storage space mean it can cope with just about anything you ask of it.


The Vision 110 is pure simplicity at every level, but it’s much more than basic when it comes to performance.
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Low-friction technology
The Vision 110 has a brand new, fuel-injected, air-cooled eSP type engine; it’s a tough little unit. Engineered to meet stringent EURO 4 requirements, it combines good power and torque with low maintenance to keep your running costs down.
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Fuel saving
Vision 110 has Idling Stop operated by a switch on the right handlebar. It automatically stops the engine running after three seconds at idle, and re-starts it instantly when you twist the throttle to go.
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Easy to handle
The tubular, underbone chassis is specifically designed to transmit good feedback, while the larger 35mm diameter fork provides a plush feel and will isolate you from the bumpy city back roads. This scooter is simple and fuss-free. Jump on, turn the key, and ride.
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A secure, flip-up seat
Reshaped for more comfort, particularly noticeable on longer runs, it’s also a magical opening to 18 litres of under-seat storage. Opened by a combination switch under the handlebars, it’s large enough to stow lightweight waterproofs and a full-face helmet.
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Steady on the brakes
The Vision 110 takes braking further, inspiring confidence on less than perfect roads and wet conditions with the Combined Braking System (CBS). In short, when the rear brake lever is used, it partially operates the front brake for precise stopping.
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Increased stability
The front wheel is now 16-inch in diamater to increase stability.
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The road of least resistance, or how to beat the traffic and the clock.
Slim for the city
With narrow mirrors mounted on a sleeker body the Vision 110 is even easier to navigate through busy city streets. A lower seat and more legroom along the floor panels, encourages a relaxed and less cramped riding style.
Travelling two-up
Passenger comfort has also been considered on the Vision 110. The rear footrests have been eased forward and the grab rail shape has been revised to provide a reassuring, confident hold.
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