21ym Honda Forza 350


It just gets better and better.
The new Forza 350 scooter has more power and torque for faster acceleration and greater top speed, so you can do even more with it. The liquid-cooled engine is equipped with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), for consistent rear-wheel grip. Sleek bodywork features a refined style – and improved aerodynamics – for extra high-speed comfort, with a further 40mm movement for the electric screen. A redesigned digital/analogue instrument panel now features the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system, linking you via Bluetooth to many of your device’s functions. And full LED lighting emits a premium light signature.


Newly refined looks to match sharp performance.
The Forza 350 sets the bar high – a fast-moving sculpture of aerodynamic efficiency and style. Smooth, modern lines create a real sense of sportiness, and roll with a refreshed, refined form. The updated front fairing and air scoop combine neatly, managing airflow to reduce rider back pressure at speed, and the electric screen provides wind protection at the touch of a button.


Take a look at the details and features that define the Forza 350’s wide-ranging abilities
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Extended electric screen
The electrically-operated (and re-shaped) windscreen now adjusts, easily, with an extra 40mm through a 180mm range as you ride. The height can be altered by simply pushing the button – up or down – on the left handlebar to suit the ever-changing weather conditions – reducing noise and fatigue.
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Secure storage and USB Type-C charging point
The Forza 350 has excellent secure storage capacity that’s essential for city life. It features a handy USB Type-C socket in the glove-box to charge up your device, and enough under-seat space for up to two full-face helmets (depending on size), so there’s less to carry once you’re where you want to be.
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Sophisticated, SOHC, liquid-cooled engine
Delivers 21.5kW for faster acceleration to keep ahead of around-town traffic and higher top speed out on the highway. It’s cleaner too, with EURO5 compliance, and tuned for exhilarating response. The new engine also maintains the Forza reputation for fuel efficiency – it’ll go as far as 350km on a full tank.
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Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)
HSTC constantly monitors rear-wheel grip, and manages engine torque accordingly. Think of it as an extra, invisible layer of confidence, for cornering in wet conditions. But, when it’s dry, HSTC adds a whole new dimension, laying down just the right amount of power for a quick exit.
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A dash of style with Smart Key convenience
The new instrument panel combines a stylish analogue speedometer and rev-counter, plus digital information. There’s also now the option to link to many of your device’s features via the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system. Additionally, Smart Key operation of the ignition ensures total ease – just put it in your pocket.
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Lighting the way
The bright LED headlight, taillight and indicators are designed as an integral part of the Forza 350’s sculpted look. But it's not just about style; they ensure a big presence on the road at night, improving visibility.
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Our ultimate scooter family.
Our family of ultimate scooters; loaded with advanced technology and crisp sports performance, defined by contemporary, attention-grabbing style. The Forza 125 delivers agility in or out of town, while the Forza 350 builds longer-range ability into the formula. And the brand-new Forza 750 is head of the family, with stunning looks, true GT-luxe comfort and practicality, and impressive performance from its 745cc twin-cylinder engine, motorcycle-style brakes and high-quality suspension.


The versatile, do-it-all Forza 350, or the range-topping, high-tech Forza 750, our ultimate GT scooter. The choice is yours.


Just because the weather turns doesn’t mean you have to stop riding. For when the temperature gets colder, 360° heated grips help keep your hands warm. They feature 5-step heating levels with integrated circuit to stop battery drain. The attachment kit is needed for fitting.


Add the finishing touch to your Forza 350. Each kit contains circular, 3-piece strips for easy application (and a perfect fit) on both front and rear wheels. Available in Gold Metallic, Candy Graceful Red and Sahara Blue Metallic colours.


Opened and locked by the same Smart Key (in your pocket) that operates the ignition; it attaches to a separately available rear rack. An inner bag, again separately available, offers perfect carrying convenience.


Will store one full-face helmet, or two open face helmets. Quick locking and easily detached, the lid is finished in Matt Cynos Grey Metallic and is equipped with a pillion pad. Please note you need the injection-moulded rear carrier (which includes components to mount to the grab rail) for fitting.
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