Hot from competition

With an HRC inspired engine, along with a seventh generation chassis, it’s a combination that packs a hefty punch from the start ’til the end of the day.


Total control and superb handling for the expert Enduro rider.
Like its motocross cousin, the CRF450RX has been developed straight from AMA and European MX1 teams. The result is an improved power to weight ratio that makes the bike easier to ride over distance. It also comes with EMSB (Engine Mode Select Button) – three modes that you can adjust to suit the ride and the track. You’ll feel completely at one with the bike as it delivers high levels of feedback, stability and traction.


Choose your weapon
All the tough characteristics of the CRF450R, with three rider modes and larger fuel capacity for long distance Enduro racing. Comes with Digital CDI ignition and electric start.
Absolute holeshot, the CRF450R has a completely new engine, with three rider modes and a redesigned chassis, developed straight from AMA and European MX1 teams. The power to weight ratio has been improved for even better handling and comes with factory spec suspension, Digital CDI ignition and an optional electric start.


Flick through some of the unique features that make the CRF450RX ready to compete – straight from the crate.
A first in geometry
The CRF450RX uses the seventh generation CRF aluminium beam frame for outstanding front-end stability and superior control during flat-out trail riding. It also aids ‘hook-up’ for greater rear wheel drive – perfect for steep climbs ­– along with excellent rider feedback in tricky and tight sections.
Suspension and handling
A fully adjustable Showa rear shock is mounted low and on the centre-line of the machine for optimal mass centralisation. Up front, the fully adjustable 49mm Showa USD fork action is compliant and supple to suit general off-road riding; it’s a combination that provides ‘factory’ race-spec suspension.
Lighter clutch
The CRF450RX drives seven friction clutch plates rather than the previous eight – with no loss of durability – saving space, weight and running costs. This allows slightly thicker plates to be used to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently – prolonging clutch life and reducing wear.
Short exhaust
The flow out of the gases is more efficient through the twin exhausts, which themselves have been redesigned with gradual radius bends. The twin mufflers are 78mm shorter, saving weight and improving performance.
Electric start
Stuck on a closed course trying to kick-start an engine is not the best practice when you’re against the clock. If for some reason you stall the engine on a difficult section, this feature is essential to get you back on the pace as soon as possible.
Durable plastics
The radiator and fork shrouds are narrower and the front mudguard is designed to channel air more efficiently to the radiator. The body panels are covered with tough, scratch-resistant graphics and allow the rider to move easily while riding.
Better for the long run
To save weight, while at the same time increasing the fuel capacity – particularly useful for the Enduro rider – the tank has been completely redesigned from scratch and manufactured from a tough lightweight plastic.
Something to lean on
The CRF450RX comes with a handy sidestand that’s easy to flick down after a hard day’s riding. Made from forged aluminium, it’s immensely strong – just like the bike.
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An engine, with three riding modes, to help you focus on a top step finish.
The Honda CRF450X can adapt to your riding style and ability. You can select a mode to suit the terrain making obstacles less of a challenge, and the tasks you face, a lot easier on your arms, legs and body.
Going strong
Mode 1 is the base map and provides a smooth, linear throttle response, making the engine’s power much more usable in a wide range of conditions. Mode 2 tones down engine performance – useful when you’re feeling tired – while Mode 3 delivers power in a more responsive way, similar to the first mode on the CRF450R.
Head first
A new four-valve Unicam head incorporates a new finger rocker design, reducing the engine dimensions and increasing the lift of the inlet valves by 0.5mm to 10mm. The exhaust valve lift is also increased by 0.85mm to 8.8mm.
A better angle
Narrower valve guide angles and two-way valve seat machining smoothens the gas flow to improve downdraft into the inlet ports – it boosts flow from the outlet ports too. Now with a 13.5 compression ratio, the engine develops an 11% increase in peak power; it’ll get you off to a forceful start.
The PGM-FI ignition timing map produces a softer power and torque delivery than the CRF450R to aid traction feel and reduce rider fatigue.