The CRF450R is stronger–everywhere. 1.8kW extra peak power @ 9,500rpm boosts the top-end hit, while a 2Nm gain in torque @ 7,500rpm strengthens drive, and does it from 3,000rpm up.
3-Level HRC Launch Control gives you options for a strong start out of the gate, whatever your riding ability or experience and whatever conditions you’re riding in.

Ground Breaker

The CRF450R is a benchmark. From a rider’s perspective–whether amateur enthusiast or pro-racer–it’s always offered power with control, plus the durability and longevity that Honda has long been famed for.


Want an uncanny holeshot advantage? Of course you do. Have one.
We’ve taken the awesome CRF450R and honed it even further. For starters, it’s lighter. The engine makes more power and torque thanks to a new cylinder head, intake and exhaust plus tailored ignition maps for each gear, and we’ve added HRC Launch Control to help nail the perfect start. Revised settings for the Showa suspension, a new front brake calliper and adjustable Renthal Fatbars perfect the package. Grabbing the holeshot and holding on to your lead has never been easier.


Choose your weapon
Since its introduction in 2002, the CRF450R has proved the complete MX package, offering its rider total control. A complete, HRC-led wheels-up redesign plus the addition of standard-fit electric start leads us directly to the new CRF450R; HRC have dialled in more power and torque, added Launch Control and upgraded the chassis.
The CRF450RX has both the pure MX DNA to deal with any enduro stage and the confidence-inspiring competence to handle flat-out trails, challenging climbs and tight, tricky sections. And just like the new CRF450R, its riding package is improved–creating a formidable off-road weapon that’s devastatingly fast over ground, and also easy to live with over time.


Quickly flick through the advanced features of this extraordinary motorcycle.
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Adjustable Showa suspension
The 49mm Showa steel spring front fork is fully adjustable for spring preload and rebound/compression damping. The Showa rear shock is also fully adjustable; both feature revised spring rates, compression/rebound damping and oil weight.
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New brake calliper
A new front brake calliper works on a 260mm wave-pattern disc. It uses 30mm and 27mm pistons; this allows for a lighter body and along with low-expansion brake hose improves brake feel and stopping power.
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Smooth movement
The smooth external lines of the plastics help the rider move easily, and the narrow frontal area and front mudguard directs an efficient funnel of air to the radiator. The radiator grills have been redesigned to flow more air and the bodywork uses durable film inset graphics that cover a wide area with scratch-resistant style.
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Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB)
The CRF450R is designed to race in all conditions so it helps to be able to tailor the engine’s character to suit the track you’re riding. And the Engine Mode Select Button’s 3 Modes do just that. Mode 1 serves up a balanced power and torque delivery, suitable for the majority of conditions. Mode 2 smooths out power and torque, for improved rear wheel traction on slippery or muddy ground while Mode 3 punches aggressively, for dealing with deep sand. Mode 2 and 3 can be further tailored via the existing HRC setting tool for mapping hardware and software.


The difference lies in the detail.
Harder. Faster. Stronger. Repeat.
Extracting more power and torque from the 449cc Unicam engine was a matter of many detailed developments from HRC combining together–and you’ll notice their effect the instant you crack the throttle open. Combustion chamber squish has been revised, as has the piston skirt profile, piston ring and conrod. A new air cleaner element base has a larger surface area and flows much more air, while the new PGM-F1 settings make use of the airflow upgrade and inject fuel twice per cycle. A gear position sensor allows the use of three specific ignition maps for 1st and 3nd, 3rd and 4th and 5th. The exhaust, too, now features differing, larger diameter bores where it splits from the downpipe. And the total length of the left side exhaust–from port to tip – has been increased 187mm, with the right muffler tube 98mm longer. Oh, and we got rid of the kick start.
HRC Launch Control
Developed with direct input from Honda’s professional racers, HRC Launch Control has 3 operating levels and gives the CRF450R an advantage right from the start. Level 1 operates at 8,000rpm and is suitable for muddy conditions – or for more inexperienced riders. Level 2 is the basic setting for dry conditions and runs at 8,500rpm. Level 3 launches at 9,500rpm and is designed for expert riders.
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