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The NC750X is packed with strong new design and improved performance features. Built with a refined 750cc engine, long-travel suspension, and effortless Dual Clutch Transmission – it has everything you need to ride fearlessly towards adventure.

Adventure is a state of mind

Weave through city traffic, on to the motorway, then out to the unknown.


The NC750X will help you explore the unknown.
The NC750X has compact, rugged design and performance features that ensure you explore in both comfort and style. With a high riding position for top notch visibility, agile handling, and torquey performance – it’s the perfect travel companion for wherever you’re going. And with impressive fuel economy and Euro 4 compliance (C02 emissions of 81g/km), you’ll get there with maximum efficiency, too.


The NC750X is packed with features that enhance your ride.
Updated bodywork
The NC750X has a tough new look with an improved front-to-rear flowing cowling design and enhanced wind deflection. Perfect for touring.
Roaring exhaust
The NC750X now has a smaller, more lightweight pentagon shape muffler and muffler protector. It looks sleek, growls like a beast. (C02 emissions of 81g/km.)
Preload adjusters
Cruising solo around town, or loading your luggage for a weekend away? Customise the rear suspension depending on where you're headed with the NC750X's preload adjuster for maximum comfort.
Wave pattern discs
The NC750X subtly turns up the sporty design with new look front and rear brake calipers.
Larger windscreen
The NC750X has a large windscreen that reduces fatigue when riding long distances at high speed.
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Bring the NC750X's dashboard alive with vibrant colours that respond to your ride
The LCD dash keeps you informed with a glance, and helps keep your eyes safely on the road.
As well as showing typical information like fuel consumption, grip heater temperature and speed, the NC750X’s negative LCD dashboard keeps you informed of the bike’s performance with the use of intuitive colour-coded lights.
Five modes to choose from
The dash has five different modes: DCT, Gear, Rev, Eco and Shift – each with their own set of colours that correspond to the bike’s performance. This means you can check what gear the bike is in, the rev count, or even how efficiently you’re riding – all with just a glance of the dash.
Transform the NC750S with S Mode – it offers extra levels of sports performance with three different shift patterns that gradually crank up the heat : S1, S2, and S3.


Soak up the scenery while the NC750X's unique Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) takes care of the gears.
DCT ensures the NC750X makes extremely smooth gear changes without any loss of drive – so you never miss a beat, whether you’re riding to work or heading out for some weekend fun. There are three different modes to match your environment, including the dynamic S (Sport) Mode that gives you a feistier ride with the flick of a switch.
Total control
The new DCT system also comes loaded with incline detection, which automatically alters gear changes depending on the grade of the incline. This means you get the right torque on steep climbs and improved engine control for deep descents.
The first of the automatic settings is D Mode – it offers the best balance of fuel economy and comfort suited for touring.
Operate gear shifts via triggers on the handlebar in Standard Manual Mode for maximum control over the bike.
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