This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to ride the CB500X. It’s loaded with rugged adventure style and striking new colour options, upgraded, high-quality long-travel suspension and brakes all powered by an A2-compliant twin-cylinder engine that puts real, enjoyable performance in your right hand. At a surprisingly satisfying price point.

Compact Adventure Styling & New Colours

Stand out from the crowd with compact crossover styling that exudes a tough, aggressive edge. Vibrant new colours and graphics are the perfect complement.

New Showa 41mm SFF-BP USD Forks

New Showa 41mm SFF-BP USD forks separate damping and spring, and offer precise suspension control – no matter the terrain – so you can ride with confidence.

Dual Discs and Twin-Piston Calipers

We’ve given the CB500X the braking power of dual, 296mm discs and two-piston calipers, without adding any extra steering inertia.

Enjoyable A2 Twin-Cylinder Engine

Great for acceleration, with peak torque of 43Nm @ 6,500rpm. Its power delivery is perfect for new riders and, at high rpm, entertaining for more experienced riders.

Designed for the Journey

Long-travel suspension soaks up the hits and smooths the ride, a 19-inch front wheel adds sure-footed stability while block-pattern tyres ensure consistent grip.

Full LED Lighting with Optimised Beams

All lighting is premium LED. The high- and low-beams are newly optimised to give an improved spread, so you see more at night. Adding extra visibility the front indicators are also now position lights.


This is freedom. Released from the day-to-day, to travel by motorcycle is to explore yourself, as well as the world around you. You’re moving, too. With a fresh A2 licence, ready for a new adventure on the CB500X. Each journey is unique. In the city or far beyond there’s always something different around the next corner. And there’s no better feeling.
One Motorcycle That Can Do It All
Strong Engine Performance
Well-Balanced Chassis
Technology That Works for You
One Motorcycle That Can Do It All

Commuting, Sports, Touring or all three? Up to you.

That’s the great thing about the NT1100. It’s so versatile. Sleek aerodynamics, a large, 5-way adjustable screen and upper/lower deflectors provide superb wind protection. But compact dimensions are just right for urban riding. The seat, with an 820mm height, is comfortable for two and matched to a flexible riding position that allows you to engage, or relax. And, as you’d expect, equipment levels are high. Alongside panniers, the NT1100 is loaded with a 20L fuel tank – giving 400km range (WMTC mode) – heated grips, cruise control, USB/ACC sockets and rear carrier. A centre stand makes rear wheel maintenance easy.



Strong Engine Performance

Tuned for Acceleration with Dual Clutch Transmission Option

The muscular twin-cylinder engine offers strong performance from low rpm, with 104Nm peak torque, just what you need for effortless overtaking. It also drives smoothly to the redline and tuned for a deep, pulsating and characterful sound. Three default riding modes, URBAN, RAIN and TOUR, cover most conditions and two USER options allow you to fully customise engine output as well as the 3-level HSTC and Wheelie Control. Six-speed DCT is an option, if you want to change gears, trigger-shifters offer razor-fast control, up or down, from the left handlebar. Or, choose efficient, seamless shifting, with 3-level S mode if you need sportier performance.



Well-Balanced Chassis

Fast Steering, Surefooted Confidence

This is a motorcycle that handles lightly and accurately, however you ride it. With the steel frame’s rigidity optimised for strength, feel and stability, the 43mm Showa cartridge-type USD forks and rear shock, working an aluminium swingarm through Pro-Link, return impressive suspension reaction and a precise cornering experience, no matter the conditions. Rear spring preload is hydraulically-adjustable to suit the load you’re carrying. 120/180 section front and rear tyres ensure maximum grip and stability and there’s smooth, progressive ABS-controlled braking power available when you need it.



Technology That Works for You

Stay In Touch and Never Get Lost with Full Connectivity

Bright and easy to read, the 6.5-inch TFT touchscreen offers three levels of information – minimum to maximum – to suit individual preference. Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® and Bluetooth® connectivity allows access to smartphone functions – such as navigation, music and calls – via the display and a helmet headset. Daytime Running Lights (DRL) automatically adjust to ambient light intensity and alert other road users of your presence. Over 50km/h, the self-cancelling Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) indicates a hard-stop situation to those behind. The indicators also auto-cancel.



Ready To Start Your Adventure

Wherever it leads. Take a good look around, and choose your colour.

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Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic
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Pearl Organic Green
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Grand Prix Red
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Front Side Pipes

Designed to boost the CB500X’s tough adventure style while protecting bodywork. The front side pipes are also required to mount the LED fog lights.

LED Fog Lights

Great visibility is a must on a motorcycle, this set of dual LED fog lights deliver just that, making the rider more visible to other road users.

Heated Grips

If you’re riding all year round, then heated grips are a must to keep hands warm in winter. Requires separate attachment kit for fitting.

Main Stand

For secure parking on uneven surfaces – and easy maintenance of the rear wheel and chain – the main stand easily bolts straight to your CB500X.

Top Box

Using the Honda One-Key system and with a 35L capacity, there’s plenty of convenient storage space in this durable top box. Requires the top box base for fitment to the CB500X.

Knuckle Guards

Deflecting wind and rain away from the rider’s hands, the knuckle guards bolt straight onto the handlebars and compliments the CB500X’s rugged adventure styling.
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