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Purity of thought

A hybrid supercar that balances blistering track performance with real-world driving ability.


We didn't stop until we achieved perfection – no matter what it took.
The NSX had to instantly respond to human control. It’s this single-minded ambition that meant changing our initial approach halfway through the project. It didn’t feel right with a V10 engine transversally mounted in the usual way, so we went back to the drawing board to design a longitudinally mounted V6 hybrid engine with twin-turbochargers.
With this dynamic change, it wasn’t just about the look and aerodynamics anymore, we had to manage the airflow for additional downforce and to cool the components. It meant the body had to be completely redesigned as well. The change caused tension at first but eventually brought the designers and engineers closer together.
The air intakes are formed to be in harmony with the flowing bodyline and allow the NSX to breathe, cooling engine components and enhancing performance.
Precision starts in the factory. Every part of the bodywork is checked and rechecked for a flawless finish.


The NSX has been designed with a body that maximises cooling, without compromising aerodynamic performance.
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The red line
Dashboard panel incorporates a carbon fibre centre inlay and a racing style, red pin stripe trim around it – both exclusive to Type R.
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Sports display
Integrated Meter Display has a driving mode-specific illumination function that shows increased levels of intensity as you approach ‘+R' mode. Featuring specialised readouts that include an LED gearshift indicator, boost pressure gauge, G-Meter and lap time recorder, you’ve got everything you need in front of you.
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Type R steering wheel
A track inspired, bespoke, flat-bottomed steering wheel will attract attention with red and titanium silver trim.
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Race car visibility
A compact and low dashboard surface means improved visibility for the driver. The increased eye-line angle, along with narrower ‘A’-pillars, provide a commanding view of the road.
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You don’t just sit in the NSX, you connect with it.
Seats, door panels and the centre console are all shaped to hold the driver and the passenger securely in place. It’s a cockpit designed for comfortable everyday driving, as well as providing the physical connection you need on the track. Fit for all types of driving, we’ve even thought about boot space, too – it has the largest capacity in it’s class.


Everything is designed around the driver.
The first point of contact is the steering wheel. The shape is so refined it feels completely natural as soon as you take hold of it.
The interior is holistic, an all-embracing combination of the tiniest details. The touch and feel of the NSX from the driving position is unique – higher levels of involvement – something you have to experience yourself to fully appreciate and understand it.
You’re completely in-tune with the NSX and can select a drive that suits your mood.
Comfort and luxury are perfectly entwined with sport and performance. The NSX’s beautifully sculptured seats provide unmatched support no matter where, or how, you drive.
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