EV Drive
Hybrid Drive
Engine Drive

e:HEV technology

Our next-generation e:HEV Hybrid technology provides a dynamic, electrified driving experience, giving the new Jazz range high performance and economy with low emissions. This advanced technology makes the new Jazz more relevant than ever in today’s driving environment.

EV Drive

EV Drive

In the Electric Drive mode, you are running 100% on smooth, silent electric power. This mode will usually be used when accelerating from standstill or during low speed cruising.

Hybrid Drive

Hybrid Drive

Hybrid Drive is when the petrol engine and electric motor combine for optimum power and economy, such as when you're accelerating on the move or overtaking.

Engine Drive

Engine Drive

Engine Drive occurs during sustained, higher-speed cruising when the petrol engine is at its most efficient powering the car.



Same hybrid powertrain – different personalities.

Always fun wherever you go, with a direct drive that’s smooth and seamless; it even cleverly replicates the sound of a gear change so you can experience the sensation of shifting gears too.


The all-new Jazz range: where safety comes as standard.
Incorporating our latest Honda SENSING suite of advanced driver assistance technologies, the new Jazz will keep you and your passengers safe and sound.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

If there is a possibility of a collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian, the system will alert you while simultaneously reducing your speed – helping to minimise the severity of any impact. We have now improved the system with night-time operation to detect pedestrians or cyclists where there is no street lighting; it even applies the brakes if oncoming vehicles cut across or turn into your path.
Lane Departure Warning
If the car moves out of its lane without you activating the indicator, then alerts will flash and sound to help bring your attention to correcting the lane drift.
Traffic Sign Recognition
Traffic Sign Recognition identifies traffic signs and relays the information to you via a visual display.
Lane Keeping Assist System
The Lane Keeping Assist System provides a less stressful driving experience, especially on motorways, by keeping the car in the middle of the lane. This is overridden when the indicator is used.
Intelligent Speed Limiter
The Intelligent Speed Limiter automatically controls your vehicle’s speed to a pre-set speed or at the speed limit indicated by traffic signs.
Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Following
Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. If a vehicle in an adjacent lane intends to cut in front of you, your Honda predicts this and adjusts the speed automatically – only resuming to the set speed when the danger has passed. Low Speed Following technology will detect if a vehicle in front of you comes to a stop and will automatically decelerate and stop if the brakes aren’t applied.
Auto High-Beam Headlights
The Auto High-Beam Headlights detect a vehicle in front of you, including oncoming vehicles, and automatically switch between high beam and low beam.


An advanced and responsive i-MMD (intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) two-motor system – with an efficient 1.5 litre petrol engine – intelligently switches between three driving modes and delivers a maximum engine power output of 97 PS.
Performance specifications
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