Take it way up to the max, or tone it down.
The Honda e has two drive modes. Normal, for a quiet refined drive around town and Sport, for increased responsiveness, which also adjusts the suspension for better handling when you’re zipping around corners.



Take a closer look at the innovative technologies that make the Honda e a joy to drive.
Holding the road
The chassis has been created to provide you with exceptional handling, agility and ride comfort.
Feel it drive
The powerful electric motor drives the rear wheels to give you better 'steering feel' under high acceleration.
The right balance
The Honda e provides a rewarding and sporty driving experience with its low centre of gravity and even – 50-50 – weight distribution.
Keeping cool
It's essential to maintain an even temperature for the battery pack to perform with maximum efficiency.
Charging on
Reliability is key, our high-capacity 35.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery can use either a Type 2 AC connector or CCS2 DC rapid charger.
Simply connect
The Honda charging point is easily accessible; it’s integrated into the bonnet. Charging status is clearly displayed to the driver by LED.
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The Honda e comes with Honda Sensing along with a few extra features.

Lead Car Departure Notification System

Alerts you when driver in front has moved ahead from standstill. The Honda e will let you know that way ahead is clear.
Collision Mitigation Throttle Control
Preventing a sudden acceleration following cars in traffic, the Honda e will know if the car in front has suddenly stopped. For example, at a roundabout where the driver in front may change their mind and apply the brake.
Low Speed Brake Function
If you’re close to an object that you may not have noticed, the Honda e will apply emergency braking while driving at low speed.