When ideas come together.
We created the Honda e by questioning everything: can we have different headlights and rear lights? Where do we position the indicators? How can we improve the aerodynamics? This unique car is the product of all these answers – the perfect form. Fun to drive, safe and appealing to the eye, the Honda e is the epitome of modern values and how we drive today… and into the future.


The city is congested and crowded; the Honda e is the complete opposite.
Comfort for everyone, the Honda e features seats in Melange fabric.
Step in to the spacious interior of the Honda e and you’re immediately insulated from the hustle and bustle. It’s a calm and serene environment – like a lounge – with an interior design that’s light and airy.
Room to move
There is no centre-console either, so it feels even wider. As you settle into the comfortable seats and take in the wide full-screen instrument panel, it really will feel like a smooth journey through space.
Passenger comfort
The Honda e has a deceptively spacious interior, which suits everybody. The rear seating area provides your passengers with excellent legroom and is one of the most spacious cars you can own in the small-car category.
A The interior trim provides the finishing touch, evocative of a lounge.glance is all you need to select one of the clearly displayed icons.