The most sophisticated chassis ever created for the CR-V.
Designed to deliver the highest level of ride comfort, with significantly reduced noise and vibration levels, new CR-V also delivers a sporty and engaging driving experience every time.
Traction and grip
A lighter and more rigid chassis, together with the all-new suspension system and Honda’s latest all-wheel drive technology – ‘Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™’ – means the CR-V possesses an enhanced all-terrain performance.
Real Time AWD constantly monitors drive and will adjust for low-traction conditions, as well as more responsive performance, such as driving up a steep hill.

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Honda’s Agile Handling Assist has been specially tuned for European road surfaces and driving styles to provide you with an engaging drive wherever your destination.
By monitoring drive to the wheels it provides you with subtle and stable steering assistance when cornering at low and high speeds.
Smooth response
Our new CVT automatic transmission produces a direct and connected feeling when you accelerate. It comes with an Early Downshift During Braking feature which recognises deceleration and gives you engine braking when travelling downhill. Conversely, this unique Honda feature will keep engine revs high when you have to momentarily slow, then quickly accelerate, such as in an overtaking manoeuvre.
The new CR-V is built on a chassis that perfectly balances an engaging driving experience with superior levels of ride comfort.


Our philosophy is ‘Safety for Everyone’.
The new chassis not only provides exceptional performance, it has a unique body design, created by connecting structural elements to distribute crash energy more evenly.
Deflecting energy
In the event of a front-end collision, the engine is redirected rear and downwards to minimise any intrusion into the cabin. It’s all clever stuff.


The CR-V will alert you to the close proximity of other road users; it’s just like extra sensory perception.
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Cross Traffic Monitor
Radar sensors situated at the side rear-quarters warn the driver of approaching vehicles when reversing.
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Honda SENSING is a suite of advanced features designed to keep you and your passengers safe.
Collision Mitigation Braking System
If there is a possibility of a collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian this feature will alert you to the danger as well as reducing your speed to help minimise the severity of any impact.
Lane Departure Warning
If the car moves out of its lane without indicating, alerts will flash and sound to help bring the drift to your attention.
Road Departure Mitigation
A windscreen mounted camera detects whether the car is veering off the road and uses the Electric Power Steering to apply subtle corrections to keep your vehicle in its lane. In certain conditions, it can also apply the brakes.
Lane Keeping Assist System
This helps keep you in the middle of your lane, providing a less stressful driving experience by reducing the need for steering correction movements and driving effort on the motorway.
Traffic Sign Recognition
The Traffic Sign Recognition System identifies traffic signs and relays this information to you via a visual display. Two signs can be displayed at any one time.
Intelligent Speed Limiter
Cleverly combines the existing adjustable speed limiter function with the Traffic Sign Recognition system to automatically set the speed limit to that which the Traffic Sign Recognition system detects.
Intelligent - Adaptive Cruise Control
This feature detects if a vehicle in a neighbouring lane intends to cut in front of you and adjusts will adjust your speed in advance. It also helps you maintain the distance between you and the car in front, so you don’t have to manually change your speed.
Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Following
This function maintains a set cruising speed and following distance from the vehicle in front. If the detected vehicle comes to a stop, your CR-V will decelerate and stop without you having to keep your foot on the brake. Simply tap the accelerator to resume the operation. (CVT equipped models only)
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