The Type R responds instantly to the driver, no hesitation.
At its heart is a soul-stirring 2.0-litre VTEC TURBO engine. It’s raw, it’s powerful, it produces 320 PS (400Nm of torque) and a large dose of adrenaline when you hear the mighty roar of the triple-exit exhaust.
Complete Control
Depending on your input, the Type R can be tamed or unleashed. Whichever drive mode is selected it constantly analyses speed, roll and G-force – for different road and track conditions – then adjusts the adaptive suspension dampers, steering force, gearshift feeling and throttle response to suit.

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'Sport' mode
This is the default setting for the Type R and provides more precise handling. It provides the optimum vehicle set up for driving on your favourite open road.
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For the ‘old school’ heel-toe technique, the rev matching can be switched off if you wish.


Sharper shifting all the way to top gear - and down again
The Civic Type R’s new six-speed manual transmission allows us to give you our most invigorating acceleration ever. This car will take hold of your emotions and won’t let go.
Quick shifting
The new rev match control system ensures no compromise in the Type R’s intimate, rewarding connection with the driver. It works progressively in all driving modes allowing you to execute seamless gear shifts without any shift shock – just like a pro.
Absolute pace
The best thing about the exhilarating combination of an all-new transmission and turbocharged engine is the time (5.8 seconds) that it takes to go from 0 to 62mph. Enjoy it – while it lasts!
The rev-matching transmission provides you with quick shifting in all three driving modes.


The Type R has a stiffer chassis and a completely new suspension system.
The ultimate road test for the Type R was at the famous Nürburgring circuit.
The Type R’s torsional strength has been increased by 38% and the dynamic benefit of this is its determined and purposeful performance. With intimate contact between you, the car and the road you can drive with total confidence.
A race-tuned ride
The front MacPherson strut suspension system is revised for the Civic Type R with new geometry to minimise torque steer and maximise sports handling. This car hugs the road and doesn’t protest when you ask for more power.
Feel connected
At the rear, the new multi-link arrangement is improved by the unique, high-rigidity independent suspension arms. Altogether, it provides an incredibly surefooted driving performance.
Tight to the apex and accelerate out; the Type R sticks to its line through fast sweeping corners.


The Civic Type R has advanced safety features designed to keep you and your passengers safe.
Collision Mitigation Braking System

If there is a possibility of a collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian this feature will alert you to the danger as well as reducing your speed to help minimise the severity of any impact.

Lane Keeping Assist System
Helps keep you in the middle of your lane and reduces the need for steering correction movements and driving effort; it provides a less stressful driving experience, particularly on the motorway.
Traffic Sign Recognition
The Traffic Sign Recognition System identifies traffic signs and relays this information to you via a visual display. Two signs can be displayed at any one time.
Intelligent Speed Limiter
Cleverly combines the existing adjustable speed limiter function with the Traffic Sign Recognition system. It automatically sets the speed limit to that which the Traffic Sign Recognition system detects.
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