A lithe and muscular look.
The Type R doesn’t hide its personality - from taillight to headlight, it’s a car built to drive.
It’s stunningly sleek, yet at the same time, aggressively sporty. The Type R has been developed with superior aerodynamics in mind – a physique to minimise drag and lift – as well as head turning looks.
Lasting impressions
New 20″ alloys, unique to the Type R, complement the aggressive sport styling . The car sits low and has a mean look with 245/30 ZR20 tyres that fill the wheel arches perfectly. The body is hard to ignore, designed with short overhangs and taut lines that manage the airflow – over and under the car – for increased high-speed stability.
The airflow is kept as close to the body as possible; this equates to increased downforce, less drag and reduced turbulence.
Shaped to cut through the air like an arrow - designed to cut lap times too.


This is what makes the Type R a race car for the road.
Wing spoiler
This signature feature improves aerodynamic performance by providing the right amount of downforce without increasing drag.
Aluminium bonnet
Aerodynamically shaped to cut through the air, its weight saving construction with a strategically positioned vent channels air into the engine bay to help everything keep cool.
LED lights
These lenses with LED lights are sculptures in glass. Not only do they provide brilliance at night, but naturally contribute to the aerodynamics of Type R.
Vortex generators
These small fins create a whirlpool that efficiently draws the air over and away from the rear of the car, reducing drag.
Triple exhaust
This unique exhaust system increases performance at higher revs and emits a glorious note from the high powered VTEC TURBO engine.
Brembo brakes
Exceptional stopping power in the shape of Brembo calipers with 350mm discs at the front and 305mm at the rear.
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It’s no illusion, it’s for real.
Redesigned and reshaped specifically for the Type R, these sport seats provide comfort and support in all driving conditions.
The Civic Type R comes with class-leading interior space, a low centre of gravity, more headroom and a more engaging driving position. The new high-backed racing seats – specially shaped with revised bolsters and cushion pads – are the lightest Type R seats ever created.
Greater capacity
When you’re not laying down rubber on a circuit, the Type R has a practical side as well. Imagine a weekend away with a few friends; the Type R’s large boot can easily take all your driving kit and weekend bags.
The Type R invites you to push it with the low seating position and eye-catching red interior detail.


Take a closer look at the features that make the Honda Civic Type R the hot hatch to have.
Sport seats
Trimmed in suede-effect red and black fabric with red double stitching they provide excellent support for sports driving and superior comfort for the day-to-day journey.
Type R steering wheel
A track inspired, bespoke, flat-bottomed steering wheel will attract attention with red and titanium silver trim.
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Stay in touch with all the things you love, like your family, your music and your friends.
You can easily select the function you need from the icons that are clearly displayed on the Honda CONNECT 7” touchscreen.
Using Bluetooth®, or USB connection, you can access information and playlists on your smartphone. You can also transfer your phone’s interface – via Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ – to the 7” touchscreen to access apps allowing you to make calls and send and receive messages when the car is stationary*.
More connections
The pre-installed internet-based AHA™ audio player also lets you connect to your favourite music stations, podcasts and news services. When the car is stationary, you can even watch a movie via HDMI.
Using voice recognition via Bluetooth® you can access information such as playlists stored on your smartphone.